our furry friends

Pet Information

Your best friend may require a license of their own to live in your new home. Residents within city limits of Las Vegas, Henderson and Boulder City are required to license certain pets. This requirement includes dogs, cats and ferrets older than four months of age. Licenses provide proof of ownership, identification and proof of vaccinations. You pet license may be obtained from each corresponding city and its authorized departments.

License Fees

Different types of pets have different types of fees associated with them. Sterile dogs and cats will be $10 with senior pets only $5. This fee is renewable annually with your rabies vaccination and certificate. Fertile dogs and cats will be $25 with fertile senior pets only $15, also renewable annually with your rabies vaccination and certificate. These amounts will change depending on your town or jurisdiction.


It is the law that your dog, cat or ferret must obtain a rabies vaccination no later than 4 months of age. Only a licensed veterinarian may administer a rabies vaccination, and all of these types of pets must receive their vaccination to live within the Clark County limits. Your pet’s rabies vaccination will expire one year from the date of administration.

Animal Laws

If your animal is found loose within any city limits, you may be liable for a misdemeanor of the restraint laws. You are required to promptly clean any animal wastes from public property or the property of others. A failure to adhere to animal laws may result in a misdemeanor violation. If your animal is noisy you may face criminal prosecution if the problem persists. For biting animals you may face civil liability for personal injury or for more severe cases, criminal prosecution.

Pet Ownership

According to Clark County codes a person may legally keep up to three dogs and three cats on their property. More than this will require a pet fancier’s permit. This type of a permit costs $25 and must be renewed annually.